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Identify the correct Speech

Identify the correct Speech. ( Part-A )

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Question 1
Find the sentence from options given, which is in proper Reported Speech form
He told Sheela that if she were in town the day before
He asked Rehim that when did I intended paying him back
He exclaimed with joy that they had won the match
He asked me where I had get this interesting novel from
Question 2
Rewrite the sentence in the other speech : Mother asked me how I had written the test
Mother said to me, “How did you write the test?”
Mother asked me, “How will you write the test?”
Mother said to me, “How do you write the test?”
Mother told me, “How had you written the teat?”
Question 3
Which one of the following, indirect speeches is answers to the sentence in direct speech : Ram said to Seetha, “Please lend me a book”.
Ram requested Seethe to lend him a book
Ram ordered Seetha to lend him a book
Ram exclaimed Seetha to lend him a book
Ram stated to Seetha to lend him a bock
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