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Group 2 2A New Syllabus – Samacheer Portions Pdf


History Part 1 TM

History Part 2 TM

History Part 1 EM

History Part 2 EM


Polity Part 1 TM

Polity Part 2 TM

Polity Part 3 TM

Polity Part 1 EM

Polity Part 2 EM

Polity Part 3 EM


Geography Part 1 TM

Geography Part 2 TM

Geography Part 1 EM

Geography Part 2 EM


Economics Part 1 TM

Economics Part 2 TM

Economics Part 3 TM

Economics Part 1 EM

Economics Part 2 EM

Economics Part 3 EM


Science Part 1A TM

Science Part 1B TM

Science Part 2 TM

Science Part 3 TM

Science Part 4 TM

Science Part 1A EM

Science Part 1B EM

Science Part 2 EM

Science Part 3 EM

Science Part 4 EM

Indian National Movement

INM Part 1 TM

INM Part 2 TM

INM Part 1 EM

INM Part 2 EM

Development Administration in Tamil Nadu

TN Admin TM

TN Admin EM

History, Culture, Heritage and Socio – Political Movements
in Tamil Nadu

TN History Culture Part 1TM

TN History Culture Part 1 EM

TN History Culture Part 2 TM

TN History Culture Part 2 EM

TN History Culture Part 3 TM

TN History Culture Part 3 EM

6th to 12th Std Thirukural – New Samacheer Books

6th to 12th Std Thirukural – Old Samacheer Books

Thirukural Explanation In English and Tamil


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