Match the Poems with the Poets - Tnpsc general english

1A psalm of Life H.W. Longfellow
2Be the Best Douglas Malloch
3The cry of the children Elizabeth Barrett Browning
4The Piano D. H. Lawrence
5Manliness Rudyard Kipling
6Earth Kalil Gibran
7The Apology Ralph Waldo Emerson
8Be Glad your Nose is on your face Jack Prelutsky
9The Flying Wonder Stephen Vincent Benet
10Is Life But a Dream Lewis Carroll
11Going for water Robert Frost
12O captain My Captain Walt Whitman
13Snake D.H. Lawrence
14Punishment in Kindergarten Kamala Das
15Where the Mind is Without fear Rabindranath Tagore
16The Man He Killed Thomas Hardy
17Nine Gold MedalsDavid Roth


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